Want to know more about the PomPomPurin Cafe in Tokyo?

PomPomPurin is a famous Sanrio character and show that has been popular in Japan since 1996.

The show is about a little golden retriever dog who lives in his own basket at the entrance hall of his owner’s house. He likes to wear a brown beret, collect shoes, drink milk, and eat caramel pudding.

PomPomPurin also likes to sleep while doing “purin aerobics” and hanging out with his best friends Muffin, Scone, and Custard.

At the PomPomPurin Cafe in Tokyo you get an insight in PomPomPurin’s life, with all the cute surroundings and sweet desserts.

Down below you can read more about the PomPomPurin Cafe and useful information before your visit:

What to expect

The Pom Pom Purin Cafe is an official Sanrio Cafe and is located in Harajuku, Tokyo. It’s a kawaii (cute in Japanese) place to go with your friends or family for a cup of coffee, or some other PomPomPurin-themed drinks, food, or sweets.

It’s a place for everyone who likes these type of experiences, however, it’s mostly teenage girls and families visiting this cafe.

From the decorations to the food – everything is kawaii at this cafe. And a great plus is that you’re allowed to take photos, so you’ll have plenty of fun photos to show your loved ones when you get back home.

pompompurin cafe food

How much does it cost?

The prices at the PomPomPurin Cafe varies depending on what you want to order. A meal cost around 1000-1500 yen, the desserts between 500-1000 yen, and the drinks cost from 450 yen up to 750 yen each.

Down below you have a photo of their menu, so you can see what to order and how much everything costs.

NOTE: The menu can vary from month to month, so when you’re visiting the PomPomPurin Cafe there might be even more kawaii food to order!


Is the food and drinks good?

I haven’t tried their food, so I can’t comment on that. However, I’ve heard that it should be pretty good for being a touristy place like this.

I’ve tasted their ice cream soda, milk pudding, and Chocolate Banana Parfait, and I liked most of the things.

I really liked the soda and the milk pudding, which was the ones I ordered. Alex had the Chocolate Banana Parfait, and that was not in my taste. It contained cornflakes and some kind of jelly, which was a weird combination.

The food looked pretty good, so next time I’ll definitely try some of their main dishes.




The interior of the PomPomPurin Cafe

The interior of the PomPomPurin Cafe is super cute and goes in yellow and brown tones with the PomPomPurin character all over the place.

There are many nice spots where you can take some fun vacation photos!

pompompurin cafe

pompompurin cafe

Go souvenir shopping

After you have had your food and drinks you can go to the small souvenir shop and buy some PomPomPurin merchandise. There are everything from t-shirts and key rings to stationary and plushies to buy in their shop.

If you don’t want anything yourself, maybe you can buy something for the little ones back home. I’m sure that they would be happy for a cute souvenir like this.

pompompurin souvenirs

How to get there

It’s easy to get to the PomPomPurin Cafe in Tokyo. It’s located on Takeshita Street in Harajuku, so you either take the JR train to Harajuku Station or the Chiyoda Metro Line (green) or Fukutoshin Metro Line (brown) and hop of at Meiji-jungumae

It’s walking distance to the Pom Pom Purin Cafe from both stations.

More information about the PomPomPurin Cafe

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Map of the Pom Pom Purin Cafe

Like you can see, the PomPomPurin Cafe is located on Takeshita Street in Harajuku. The easiest thing to do is to use google maps to find the cafe. 

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