RawAttitude is an organic and vegan restaurant located in the central Malaga. I went to this place when I explored Malaga to eat brunch (Alex and I were starving, so we tried different dishes and smoothies).

This restaurant offers both breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their outdoor seating, indoor bar, or take away. Here the food is raw, gluten free and super delicious. Each day they inspire their food from cuisines from all over the world such as Thailand, Spain, India and more. When I visited this lovely restaurant, they offered vegan Thai food that was super delicious!

Here’s my review of RawAttitude Malaga:

What does RawAttitude has to offer?

This restaurant offers vegan food that’s both natural, organic and gluten-free. Here you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with a good sandwich and a smoothie, a brunch with more filling dishes, or dinner with their set-menu. RawAttitude’s food is simply delicious and flavorful. Each day they’re inspiring the dished from different cuisines from all over the world with everything from Thai food and Spanish food to Indian and Italian!

Except for delicious and fresh food, this place also offer fantastic ice cream and desserts if you want something sweet!

Thai Soup and Sandwich Raw Attitude

What I had for lunch:

When I visited RawAttitude during my trip to Spain this year, I had a set menu of Thai food with a smoothie made out of avocado, carrot, ginger and other healthy ingredients. Alex had some sandwiches for a starter (yes he was hungry haha) and a vegan burger to the main course. He also had a smoothie made out of oat milk.

The food was just delicious. I loved my Thai set menu consisting of a Thai soup, and the main dish was like a Thai risotto with rice, quinoa, veggies and delicious tofu.

In my opinion, the smoothie didn’t taste that much, and I’m not sure if it was my combination of ingredients or if it was too little of the flavorful ingredients that I choose in my smoothie. Alex smoothie, on the other hand, was tasty – so if you want a smoothie I would recommend getting one with vegan milk!

I have no complaints what so ever about the food, everything was good, but I think it was just a little bit pricey.

thai vegan food


The staff was super friendly and helpful. I often have a hard time making up my mind on what kind of ingredients I want in my smoothies haha. They were so helpful and tried to guide me to the best choice. They smiled all the time, asked if the food was good, and were very professional and service minded.


The atmosphere was very relaxed, friendly and welcoming. When I visited this place, three English-speaking girls was working who made us feel very comfortable and welcomed.

Seating and interior

RawAttitude is a more simple restaurant, so don’t expect too fancy interior and lots of tables inside. Here they have a couple of wooden tables/chairs outdoors and inside they have a couple of bar stools in their shop. They also offer takeaway.

Raw Attitude shop

 Why you should eat here:

If you’re a vegan, or just want to eat more vegan food, then this is the place to go in Malaga. They offer delicious food, friendly staff, a nice outdoor seating (during warm sunny days it’s perfect) and also a broad selection of smoothies.


I can heartily recommend you to visit this restaurant. They offer good food,  good service, and a cozy outdoor seating. During the winter in Malaga, it was (in my opinion) too cold to sit outside, so it was perfect with the bar stools inside RawAttitude’s shop. We tried different dishes, and everything was good, especially the sandwiches and my Thai soup. The smoothies were, in my opinion, not so flavorful, but Alex liked his with oat milk!

If you’re looking for a vegan place in Malaga, then this is an excellent choice!

smoothie and sandwiches Raw Attitude