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Korean Food: 25 Traditional Dishes to Eat

Want to know more about Korean food and cuisine? South Korea is a country that's full of delicious dishes with interesting flavors. You can taste classic dishes like kimchi, gimbap, and Korean BBQ, to more

Top 8 Things to Do in Busan

Busan is South Korea’s second largest city and lies on the south-eastern tip of the country. The city is known for its mountains, beaches, hot springs, and fantastic shopping worldwide.  Busan is the perfect mix

8 Reasons to Love South Korea

I love South Korea.  It's one of my top 5 favorite countries in the world since it has so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for fantastic shopping, great outdoor activities, festivals, food experiences or

The 11 Best Souvenirs in South Korea

The best way to remember a city or country is to buy something that reminds you of your trip. A souvenir is a perfect memory that also is perfect for you who want to bring