Something that almost all travelers have in common is that we all love to bring home something that reminds us of the time we spent in the country. Holland is a great destination when it comes to nice souvenirs since the country offers both sweets, delicious cheese, beautiful flowers, decor and much more!

If you’re not sure what to buy while visiting Holland, then you should check out this list of the 8 must-buy souvenirs in Holland!

Klompen (Dutch Clogs) – A classic among the top souvenirs in Holland

Wooden clogs are a classic Dutch gift that dates back to the 1200s. The locals do not typically wear the traditional kitchen shoes in the Netherlands, but they’re still available through the Holland gift shops.

Whether you buy a pair of clogs that are small enough to fit your keychain or a big pair that you can wear, clogs are a perfect souvenir!


Dutch Cheese? Yes, please! If you love eating cheese, then you’re going to love strolling around in the several cheese shops around Holland. Here there are more options than just Gouda and Edam cheese. Make sure to try the Leidse Kaas Cheese with cumin seeds, Bleu de Wolvega or organic sheep’s milk cheese with samphire. One of the best souvenirs from Amsterdam and other cities in Holland!



The delicious stroopwafels are a great Dutch souvenir to someone who has a sweet tooth. A stroopwafel is a waffle filled with syrup or caramel filling and is something you want to taste during your stay in Holland. These you can buy in food stores or fresh and hot straight from the iron of the countries various street markets.

You can also purchase these waffles in souvenir shops and at the airport!


Delftware is a classic among the top souvenirs in Holland. This iconic blue and white pottery originate from the city of Delft in the southern part of the country. You can buy delftware in many different shapes and sizes – from beautiful plates and ornaments to a clock and cow-shaped cream jugs.

If you’re buying blue and white delftware as a souvenir in Holland, make sure to ask for bubble wrap, so it stays safe on your way back home! One of the best Netherlands souvenirs to someone who loves pottery!


”Kissing Couple”

One thing that you’ll find in every souvenir shop is the Dutch boy and girl who are kissing. This couple you’ll find on delftware, magnets or tiny figures as decor in your home. This is one of the most famous and heart-warming souvenirs in Holland.


Tulips is a souvenir in Holland that is a must to buy! I mean, you simply cannot think of Holland without thinking of the beautiful tulips fields. All around the country you can buy tulip souvenirs. Tulip bulbs are a favorite souvenir, but also tulip seeds and different kinds of souvenirs with tulips painted on them.



Except for tulips, windmills are one of those things that we associate with Holland. All around the Holland souvenir shops, you’ll find windmills in different sizes. From magnets and spoons to clocks and garden decor – you’ll find windmills everywhere!


Craving something salty or sweet? Then make sure to buy some drop! Drop is the Dutch word for licorice, and these you’ll find in almost every shop varying from salty and sweet to hard and soft. All around the capital of Holland you can buy drop, since it’s one of the most popular Amsterdam gifts for those with a sweet tooth.


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