We all love to bring home souvenirs and gifts to ourselves, family members and to our friends as a way to show some appreciation and also give them a taste of the country that we’ve just visited.

Sweden is a great destination when it comes to souvenirs since there’s a lot of nice things to buy that varies from delicious candy, nice decor, things that are actually useful, and just some nice nicknacks if that’s your thing.

If you’re going to travel to Sweden, and if you’re not sure what to buy in Sweden for gifts, then you should check out this list of the 16 must-buy souvenirs in Sweden!

Here’s the list of 16 must-buy souvenirs in Sweden:

Lovikkavantar (Lovikka Mittens)

These mittens are the most famous mittens in Sweden. Lovikkavanar is made in Lovikka in the region of Norrbotten in the northern part of Sweden and is recognized by it’s yellow, blue and red embroidery and tassels.

These knitted mittens come in both white and grey color – One of the best Swedish gifts to someone who lives in a cold country!

Cheese Slicer

A cheese slicer is just what it sounds like – a slicer that slices cheese. In Sweden, people love to have cheese on their sandwiches for breakfast, so they can’t survive without their cheese slicer. It’s a great invention, and also one of the best souvenirs from Sweden for someone who loves cheese!



This is, in my opinion, the most disgusting of all Swedish souvenirs that you can eat or drink haha (many Swedes love it, just not me). Snaps is a Swedish (also a Danish) word for a small shot of strong alcoholic beverage taken during a meal.

In Sweden, we drink snaps during both Midsummer, Christmas, and Easter while singing songs and shouting ”Skål!” (Skål means cheers in Swedish) out loud before taking the shot. The beverage is called Aquavit and can be bought at Systembolaget (the only place where you can buy alcohol in Sweden).

Note that you have to be 21 or older and have an ID-card to buy a bottle of Aquavit.

Cloudberry Jam

Cloudberries are one of the most sought-after berries in Sweden. The berries grow in the wild and are tough to cultivate, but their golden yellow color makes them distinctive and is therefore quite easy to find in the forest.

The cloudberries have a special place in every Swedes heart and are often used in desserts or at special occasions. We often have cloudberry jam on our waffles together with whipped cream – it’s super delicious and something you have to taste while you’re in Sweden.

We also enjoy it together with the Swedish cheesecake that originates from Småland – the land of IKEA, Astrid Lindgren and lush forests with wild mushrooms and berries!


Wooden Butter knives

Swedish people love their wooden butter knives, and in the souvenir shops around the country, you’ll find these great utensils. Often you can find the wooden butter knives with different kinds of hand-painted motives as well!

Salt Liquorice

One of the best (in my opinion) and strange (many tourists opinions haha) flavors that you can find in Sweden is salt licorice (saltlakrits). It’s a Swedish candy that many Swedes love, and myself craving every other day while traveling. It has an unusual taste, so it’s something you either love or hate.

In Sweden, you can find this salty flavor in both ice cream, chewing gum, and candy. You can buy all of these in any supermarket around Sweden. It’s a great Swedish gift to bring home to your friends and family so they can get a little taste of Sweden.

I can highly recommend candy from the pick and mix “loose” candy shelf in the supermarkets, and also the famous Djungelvrål (translation: jungle roar), which is the saltiest candy of them all haha!



Polkagris is a Swedish stick candy that was invented in the town of Gränna 1859. This is a traditional candy and comes in several different flavors (salty licorice as well haha). The traditional polkagris candy stick is white and red and is peppermint flavored.

If you ever go on a road trip in Sweden from Stockholm to the Skåne (the southern part) I recommend you to stop by Gränna and buy a couple of Polkagrisar! At this famous place, you can also see how they make polkagrisar in their store.

Translation of Polkagris is Polka Pig in English.

Absolut Vodka

Many people don’t know that the famous Vodka ”Absolut Vodka” comes from Sweden. But if you take a closer look, you’ll actually see that it says ”country of Sweden” on it. Absolut Vodka is a great Swedish souvenir to bring back home, and it’s always fun to collect their limited edition bottles – which some of them are very cool!

Absolut vodkaPhoto

Swedish Design

Sweden is famous all over the world for its design. The Swedish people love interior and design, and their passion for it has resulted in great designer stores where you can find some unique interior.

If you travel to Stockholm, I can highly recommend you to visit NK and Svenskt Tenn. Designtorget is also an excellent store that you’ll find in several cities around the country.

Dala Horse – Best and most traditional of the souvenirs in Sweden

The famous Swedish Dala Horse was from the beginning a toy but has over the years become a symbol of Sweden. This horse originates from Dalarna (a region in Sweden) but is now a symbol for the whole country. This is one of the souvenirs that many Swedes have themselves in their homes since it’s a nice decor.

You can find cheap versions of this horse for around 5-10 euro in Stockholm souvenir shops and other towns around the country, but the real handcrafted/handpainted are much nicer and the smallest one cost you around 30 euros (yes it’s very expensive).

This is one of the best souvenirs in Sweden!


Sámi Crafts & Jewelry

The Sámi people are indigenous Finno-Ugric people that live in the northern part of Scandinavia. These people are very skilled and make beautiful handicrafts and also jewelry. To get the real deal things, you should head to Jokkmokk in the northern part of the country.

During winter they have a big Christmas market that is fun to visit.


One of my favorite breakfast bread is the crisp bread (Knäckebröd in Swedish). In all Swedish supermarkets, you’ll find different kinds of Knäckebröd with exciting flavors to try. It’s very delicious!

It’s a great gift to combine with a cheese slicer for persons who have breakfast as their favorite meal of the day.



One of the best souvenirs in Sweden, that you can buy from the southern part of the country is a pair of Falsterbotofflor (wooden clogs from Flasterbo). These are handmade and handpainted and comes in different kinds of motives. The most famous clogs are the one with flowers and a goose in the middle!

Swedish Glass

Sweden produces some fantastic glass and some of the most famous brands are Kosta Boda and Orrefors.

From these brands, you can buy everything from candle holders, bowls and wine glasses in excellent quality and beautiful design. You can find these brands in several stores around the country. If you’re in Stockholm I suggest to check out NK or Åhlens City in the central part of town.

If you’re in Stockholm I suggest to check out NK or Åhlens City in the central part of town.


Pepparkakor (Ginger Biscuits)

Even though we eat pepparkakor mostly around Christmas, one can find these in our supermarkets all year round.

During Christmas, many Swedes bake them at home and cut them into cute shapes (hearts, pigs, stars, men, women, and so on…), glaze them with frosting and eat them, hangs them up in the Christmas tree and also in the windows as a nice Christmas decor (Yes. We are a bit weird haha).

Swedish Candy

Ok. This is, in my opinion, the best of all souvenirs in Sweden! Sweden makes some of the best and most delicious candy in the whole world, and it’s cheap too. In Swedish supermarkets, you’ll find a great selection of Candy, but I highly recommend to bring home a bag of pick and mix “loose” candy – which is the best!!

If you want to buy the loose candy I can recommend you to visit the store Hemmakväll. That store has so many flavors to choose from, but it’s also a bit more expensive.

If you have a sweet tooth or know somebody back home that has one, then this is one of the best souvenirs in Sweden for you to buy!

Loose candyPhoto

Hope you enjoyed this article about the 16 must-buy souvenirs in Sweden, and that you got some inspiration before your trip! Happy Day and Safe Travels! ♥