Looking for Spain souvenirs?

One of the best things while traveling in a country, is to buy some nice souvenirs that remind you of your trip even though you’re back home. If you’re like me and love buying gifts for friends and family, and sometimes to yourself, then you’re going to love Spain. Spain is a lovely country with several shops and nice markets, so you won’t have a problem finding something good. 

There are many typical Spain souvenirs, but here are some of my favorites!

Spanish Fan (Abanico)

One souvenir that could be really useful during your trip is the Spanish fan. During the summer months, it can be pretty hot in Spain, and that’s when this Spanish souvenir is pretty handy.

When you’re strolling around the streets of Spain you’re going to see the Spanish ladies wielding their fans all day long haha. Not only are they useful, but they’re also pretty to have as a decor in your home.



Among the most common Spain souvenirs, you’ll find the classic knick-knacks that almost every country has. Fridge magnets, keyrings, posters, t-shirts, snow-globes and much more. In the Spanish souvenir shops, you’ll find plenty of fun things to buy.


Did you know that Spain is one of the major producers of saffron in the world? Yes, it’s true and here it’s delicious and pretty cheap as well. This spice is good to have in your food, especially for the traditional dish Paella – which is something you’ve to have to try when you’re in Spain.

Saffron is definitely one of the best souvenirs from Spain if you like to cook!


Castañuelas – One of the best Spain souvenirs

One of the coolest things to buy among the Spain souvenirs is the Castañuelas. Castanets (in English) are a unique percussion instrument that’s made out of chestnuts and used by the Flamenco dancers in the country.

It’s a really cool instrument and is one of the best souvenirs in Spain.



This Spanish sparkling wine is a perfect gift for someone you like. Cava is mainly produced in Catalonia, but you can find it all over the country. Cava is both delicious and affordable and is one fine souvenir to buy.

Flamenco Dress

This is one of the more typical Spain souvenirs, that’s fun to buy for kids or yourself. It’s a beautiful dress that’s used by the women of Spain who dances Flamenco, and they come in several beautiful colors.

Maybe you won’t use it daily, but a good idea is to have it for Halloween – I’m sure you’ll have the coolest and most unique costume at the party!

flamenco dress


One of the yummiest things to buy in Spain is cheese. Spain produces some really good cheese, so it’s a fact and a must to buy it for your cheese-loving friends and family members back home. Visit a cheese shop, taste some cheese, and let your taste buds decide which cheeses to buy!

Spanish Wine

In my opinion, when it comes to Spain souvenirs, a bottle of Spanish wine is always a great choice. Wine is always an appreciated gift that’s also very yummy. There are many good Spanish wines, so I recommend you to visit a wine shop and find something you like!


Spanish Pottery

My favorite, among all Spain souvenirs, are definitely the Spanish pottery. All around Spain you can find handcrafted pottery in different colors, shapes, and patterns. There are so much to choose from, and it’s perfect if you want to buy authentic gifts from Spain. Salad bowls, plates, cups – you name it!

Olive Oil

Olive oil might not be the first thing that pops up in your head when thinking of Spain souvenirs. The most people associate olive oil with both Greece and Italy, but not so much with Spain, which surprises me. Spain is actually one of the biggest producers of olive oil in the world, and it’s delicious as well.

Andalucia is the biggest producer in the country and is the perfect place to buy a bottle or two. But don’t worry if you’re not going to Andalucia, you can buy Spanish olive oil all over the country.

This is for me, one of the best Spain souvenirs since it’s both useful and yummy!

olive oil

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I hope you liked my article with the 10 Best Spain Souvenirs. You can find all Spain souvenirs online, but I think it’s much nicer to buy them when you’re traveling in the country. It’s a good way to be reminded of your trip, and a big plus is that some of them are really yummy and looks great as a decor in your home!

Happy Spanish shopping!