Looking for things to do in Halmstad? Halmstad is a beautiful city known for its cozy atmosphere, nice beaches, and golf courses.

It’s a lovely summer destination in Sweden that also offers some shopping, cozy cafes, and nice restaurants. Below you can read more about the best things to do in Halmstad as a tourist:

Visit Stora Torg

This square can be found on the south side of Storgatan, which is the main shopping street in Halmstad.

It’s a lively place in the city, so if you like to go people watching this is a great place for you. Here you’ll also find a market from Mondays to Saturdays. At this market you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables and pretty flowers.

In the middle of the square you can see the fountain “Europe and the Bull” which is designed by Carl Milles in the 1920s.

Stroll along Nissan

One of the best things to do in Halmstad is to stroll along the river Nissan.

When taking a walk along the river you’re going to see both parks, nice residential areas and lots of people – especially locals who are out jogging.

If you go far enough north, you will come to Laxön, which is a popular fishing spot and place where you can get a good cup of coffee.


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Visit Galgberget

Galgberget is a popular outdoor area in northern Halmstad. It has gotten its name from the gallows and execution site that once existed here.

At the top of the hill you’ll find a 13 meter tall tower from 1897 which offers a nice view. Close to Galgberget you’ll also find the Open Air Museum “Hallandsgården”, which is another popular attraction in Halmstad.

Go to Tylösand

If you visit during the summer it can be nice to visit Tylösand one day. It’s a nice place where you can relax at the beach and go swimming in the sea.

Tylösand have a 7 kilometer long beach with soft sand and beautiful sand dunes. In addition to this, it’s also a popular place to watch the sunset.

things to do in halmstad

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Splash around at Halmstad Arena Bad

If you’re traveling to Halmstad with your children, then it can be fun to visit Halmstad Arena Bad on day. It’s an adventure water park with various slides and places where the kids can play and have fun.

I have myself been to Halmstad Arena Bad several times when I was a kid. I remember how much I loved being there.

Visit Hallandsgården

Next to Galgberget is Hallandsgården – a small outdoor museum built in 1925.

Here you can see historic buildings from the province of Halland, that all have been moved here piece by piece. You can see farmhouses, a windmill, small red cottages, a traditional sauna, an old schoolhouse and much more.

PS: From hallandsgården you also have a nice view of the city.


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Go shopping at Storgatan

If you feel like going shopping, then you have to visit Storgatan. It’s the main shopping street in the city, and here you’ll find both shops, restaurants, and cafes.

It’s a nice place where you can stroll around a sunny day in Halmstad.

Visit Halmstad Castle

Halmstad was under Danish rule when this castle was built in the late 17th century. It was supposed to be a residence for King Kristian IV.

The castle is located right next to Nissan River where you can see the reflections of the castle on a calm day. It’s possible to visit the courtyard of the castle if you want to take some pictures.

halmstad castle

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Play golf

If you’re interested in golf, Halmstad is a perfect destination for you. You can expect large green golf courses that are surrounded by beautiful and lush nature.

Halmstad Golf Club has been named to be one of the five best golf courses in Sweden and is a golf club where many professionals play.

There is also the Vilshärads Golf Course located in Tylösand. It’ a 9-hole golf course with a beautiful sea view that’s open for anyone who wants to play.

Visit St. Nikolai Church

On the south side of the square Stora Torg you will find the St. Nikolai Church. It’s a beautiful church from 1430s that survived the fire in 1619 that destroyed big parts of the city.

The outside is covered by yellow brick and the inside is bright and beautiful with painted glass windows and brick arches.


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See Norre Port

Norre Port is one of the few city gates left in Sweden. It was built in 1601 under the rule of the Danish king Kristian IV.

The gate leads to Storgatan, which is the main shopping street and center of Halmstad.

Go to Danska Fall

If you feel like a day trip, you can head to Danska Fall. It’s a beautiful area with waterfalls on the southern part of Lake Breared.

It’s a 35 meter waterfall that’s a must to visit if you like taking pictures during your travels.

The waterfall got its name after an event that happened in 1676 when a group of Danish soldiers fell down and died at this site. Danska Fall translates into “Danish Fall” in English.

danska fall

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Things to do in Halmstad with kids

Halmstad is a great destination if you travel with children. Here you will find everything from adventure parks and playgrounds to bowling and go-karting. Below you have some tips on things to do in Halmstad with kids:

  • Halmstad Arena Bad – Water park
  • Busfabriken – Indoor playground
  • Halmstads Äventyrsland – Adventure park
  • Hallandsgården – Open Air Museum
  • Linnéparken – Park and playground
  • Getingebadet – Public outdoor pool
  • Halmstad Aktivitetscenter – Center with fun activities
  • Go-karting
  • Bowling
  • Yoump trampoline park

Things to do in Halmstad when it rains

If you have bad luck with the weather, do not worry, there are plenty of things to do in Halmstad when it rains. You can visit museums, go shopping, go bowling, eat delicious Swedish food at restaurants, and much more.

  • Go bowling
  • Go-karting
  • Visit the St. Nikolai Church
  • Go shopping at Storgatan
  • Eat delicious food at a restaurant or cafe
  • Visit Halmstad City Library
  • Visit Mjellby Art Museum
  • Buy an umbrella and stroll around in the rain

Recommended hotels in Halmstad

Here you have two recommended hotels in Halmstad. One that is more budget-friendly, and one that’s a little bit more luxurious and comfortable.

halmstad hotel

Best Western Plus Grand Hotel in Halmstad

What are your favorite things to do in Halmstad? Leave a comment below!