Looking for things to do in Uppsala? Uppsala is the third largest city in Sweden that has worked as an intellectual center since the middle ages.

The university in Uppsala is the oldest institution in the Nordics where Carl von Linné has been a professor. Today it’s a beautiful city that’s rich in both history, culture and lovely things to both see and do. 

Here are 12 things to do in Uppsala as a tourist:

Stroll around in “stadsträdgården” park

Stadsträdgården is a beautiful green area next to Fyrisån. The park was built in the end of the 1800s and is today a place that’s popular among both adults and kids.

During spring and summer this place is filled with lush nature and beautiful flowers. It’s a lovely place for a a picnic or if you want to relax in between sightseeing in Uppsala.

In stadsträdgården park there’s a fun playground for the little ones, “Gulla Villan” which is a café during summer, a beautiful water lily pond, and an open air theater called Parksnäckan.

Stop by Uppsala domkyrka

The church in Uppsala is the biggest church in the Nordics.

It was built in 1272 and is today a place that’s full of interesting history. Several monarchs has been buried here, and this is also the place where you can see Gustav Vasa’s grave monument.

In addition to this, the church is very beautiful both on the inside and outside. It’s no doubt one of the best things to do in Uppsala!

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Visit Linnéträdgården

Next to the street Svartbäcksgatan in the central parts of the city, you’ll find the garden called Linnéträdgården. It’s one of Swedens oldest botanical gardens and is a beautiful place to visit.

Carl von Linné was one of the people who cared for this garden, and he also used to live here.

When visiting Linnéträdgården you can visit Carl von Linné’s house, the botanical garden, several exhibitions, and a café where you can have a Swedish fika (coffee and sweets).

Visit the botanical garden

The botanical garden is one of the most beautiful places in the city. It’s located right next to Uppsala Castle and is home to a baroque garden, a tropical greenhouse and a two hundred year old orangery.

It is one of the few orangeries in Sweden that’s still used for its original purpose.

In the orangery they grow both figs, oranges, olive trees, and centuries-old agave. There’s also a cactus collection with 800 different cactus species. One of the oldest cactus in the organgery (the Pillar Cactus Cereus hildmannianus) dates back to 1720 and has been grown by both Olof Rudbeck and Carl von Linné.


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Play golf at Upsala Golfklubb

If you like to play golf you should visit Upsala Golfklubb. Upsala Golfklubb is the oldest golf club in the area and has been ranked as the 30th best golf resort in Sweden.

There are 36 holes, of which 9 holes is a play & play course that’s open all year round. There’s also a driving range, training areas, putting green, and a golf study with video analyzers and simulators.

At Upsala Golfklubb you will also find a golf shop and a nice restaurant where you can enjoy a good lunch.

Explore Uppsala Castle

It doesn’t matter where you are in the city, you’ll see this beautiful castle up on the hill overlooking the city.

Uppsala Castle was built by Gustav Vasa in the middle of the 16th century and has seen some major events through time. It was here, among many other events, that “Sturemorden” took place. Three noblemen from Stureätten were murdered in the castle by King Erik XIV.

Inside the castle you can visit several museums and Vasaborgen, which is the oldest part of the castle. “Roof Walking” is another popular thing to do in Uppsala among tourists who visit this castle.

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Go shopping at Svartbäcksgatan

Svartbäcksgatan is the main shopping street in Uppsala and here you’ll find a good selection of shops, cafés and restaurants.

Zara, Nilson Shoes, Gina Tricot, MQ, Hemtex, Kjell & Company, Hunkemöller, and Lush, are just a few of the shops that you’ll find here.

It’s a nice street where you can stroll around and have a look in stores before going to a cafe for a good cup of coffee and some sweets.

Visit Gamla Uppsala

When you’re in the city, you just have to visit Old Uppsala. It’s said to be the place where the Yngling dynasty lived, who were descendants of the god Frej.

What’s left today are rune stones and around 250 different burial mounds. The three largest mounds are the royal mounds that date back to the 500 and 600 century.


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Visit Old Uppsala museum

In old Uppsala there’s a museum where you can learn more about the area and see models of how it would have looked like 1500 years ago. You can see both old jewelry and weapons that they’ve found inside the graves.

The exhibition shows archaeological finds from excavations that tell us more about the Yngling dynasty, the pagan gods, and the victims during the Viking era.

The entrance ticket includes a guided tour and fun activities for the whole family.

Gamla Uppsala Kyrka

Gamla Uppsala kyrka translates into “the old church in Uppsala” and is a historical place in the city.

This church goes back all the way to 1076 and is said to be built on the spot where the pagan temple was located in old Uppsala. During the 1400s, “Gamla Uppsala Kyrka” got the appearance it has today.


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Take a swim at Fjällnora

Fjällnora is a place where people like to go during the hot summer months in the city. It’s a place where you can go for a swim, relax in the sun, go canoeing, rent a boat, and barbecue with friends and family.

It’s also a popular spot during winter since you can go ice skating on the lake.

Visit Gustavianum at Uppsala University

Gustavianum is the oldest and best preserved building at Uppsala University.

This beautiful building is located next to Uppsala Domkyrka and is today home to a museum where you can learn more about the history of Uppsala University and see different kinds of collections. The Augsburg Art Cabinet is one of the most impressive works of art at the Gustavianum.

This is no doubt one of the best things to do in Uppsala. I can highly recommend a visit!


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Things to do in Uppsala with kids

Uppsala is a great city to travel to with kids. Here you will find several playgrounds, fun activities, educational museums and water parks that your children will love.

  • Pelle Svanslös guided tour
  • Pelle Svanslös playground
  • Turbo Sport Zone & Adventure
  • Fyrishovs äventyrsbad (aqua park)
  • Biotopia
  • Vasaborgens museum
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Things to do in Uppsala when it rains

There are lots of fun things to do in Uppsala when it rains. You can visit beautiful churches, eat Swedish food at restaurants, explore castles, and visit various museums.

  • Uppsala Domkyrka
  • Museum Gustavianum
  • Uppsala Castle
  • Biotopia
  • Helga Trefaldighets kyrka
  • Upplandsmuseet
  • Uppsala Konstmuseum
  • Bror Hjorths Hus
  • Uppsala Escape Room
things to do in uppsala when it rains

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Recommended hotels

Here you have two recommendations of hotels in Uppsala. One is more budget friendly, and the other one offers a more comfortable and luxurious stay in the city.

Best Western Hotel Svava

Clarion Hotel Gillet

uppsala hotell

What are your favorite things to do in Uppsala? Leave a comment below!