Are you looking for the best Tokyo souvenir to bring back from your trip? Then continue reading below!

Souvenirs are one of the best ways to tell your friends and family that you’re thinking about them while traveling. A Tokyo souvenir isn’t only fun to buy for your loved ones, but also to yourself as a nice memory from your trip to Tokyo.

There are many fun things you can buy during your stay in Tokyo, and down below you can read more about them. Here are the best Japanese souvenirs to buy in Tokyo:

Origami Paper

If you’re looking for a Japanese souvenir to buy for a kid, then Origami Paper is a great choice. These colorful papers come in packs that are the perfect size for travel and can be bought for around 100 yen at the popular and cheap store Daiso.

Origami Paper is used to folding origami (the art of paper folding). You might have seen the famous origami birds, but there are more ways to fold so your piece of paper can look like a fox, Pikachu, a flower, and even Yoda from Star Wars if you practice enough!

There are several youtube videos about Origami paper folding, so there won’t be a problem for the kids to learn back home.

Edo Kiriko Glasses

If you’re looking for a beautiful gift to buy for your family, friends or something nice for yourself as a memory, then I can recommend buying a pair of Edo Kiriko Glasses.

They come in different styles, colors, and shapes, and they make the perfect souvenir if you want to buy something fancy and local.

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Retro Video Games

When it comes to Japanese souvenirs, Tokyo really is a heaven for nerds. In the city, you can find several shops selling retro video games and gaming consoles that aren’t that expensive to buy.

If you’re one of those persons who look for an affordable Nintendo 64, then Tokyo is the best place to find it!

Limited-edition Kit Kat – A delicious Tokyo Souvenir!

In Tokyo, you can find a variety of unusual limited-edition Kit Kats. In the capital, you can find everything from green tea and rum raisin to sake and purple sweet potato flavor.I’ve actually tried a bunch of them, and some are really tasty.

Buy some for yourself and your loved ones back home and taste together!

These limited-edition kit Kats is one popular Tokyo souvenir to buy while visiting the city.

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Kabuki Face Mask

If you know someone back home that’s interested in beauty, then this is the perfect Tokyo souvenir. A Kabuki Face Mask is just like it sounds, a face mask that has a design of the Kabuki characters.

Not only that this face mask will make your friend/family member look funny for about 15-20 minutes, but it will also make their skin soft and glowing. It’s both a fun and useful souvenir to buy in Tokyo.


One of the best and most popular Japanese souvenirs is a pair of chopsticks. If you know someone back home who loves to eat sushi or noodles with chopsticks, then this is the perfect gift to buy.

In Tokyo, you can find big stores selling a huge range of chopsticks – everything from factory made to handmade ones. There are even chopsticks that you can buy and engrave with names and initials, which makes it a special gift to buy.

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Japanese Snacks

Japan is a country that offers both delicious and super weird snacks. Here they have everything from sweet candy and delicious chips to nut mixes with dried fish and seaweed candy.

Alex and I bought some of the most popular snacks while we were in Tokyo and tried a little bit of everything. Some were good and some were really bad, which was both a yummy and fun experience.

Buy a bunch of Japanese snacks to your friends and family and let them taste it all. Either they’re going to like it, or you can just have a good laugh while they try something less yummy.

Fake Food

I don’t really know why, but “fake food” is very popular in Japan. In Tokyo, you can buy everything from fake food key-rings to real size plates with noodles and sushi. These plastic food items have become something of a national trend, and you can see these almost everywhere in Tokyo.

This is a fun and wacky Tokyo souvenir to buy for someone with a sense of humor!

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It’s not only the locals of Japan that like manga, many tourists like it too. Manga has today become more and more popular worldwide, and even on the subways, you can see old men and women reading these manga magazines while going home from work.

Manga is a big part of the Japanese culture, which makes it such a great souvenir to buy. If you our your loved ones can’t read Japanese, do not worry, there’s plenty of manga comic books to buy in English in the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Japanese Tea – One of my favorite Japanese souvenirs!

Tea is a big part of the Japanese culture, and also a great souvenir to buy in Tokyo. In Tokyo, you’ll find several tea shops selling a wide range of different tea flavors. There’s everything from the cheap ones you find in the local supermarket to the expensive loose tea you buy in specific tea shops.

If you want to buy a nice gift for someone who loves tea back home, I can recommend you to buy a tea set with a traditional pot, cups and Japanese tea. It’s a really nice Tokyo souvenir!

japanese tea

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