The Capital of Puerto Rico is home to beautiful beaches, romantic hotels, cool museums and a World Heritage Site. There are no questions about it; there’s a lot of things to do in San Juan.

Enjoy the cafés and restaurants of town, sunbathe at one of the San Juan beaches, visit the famous Fort, and tour the several museums that the capital has to offer!

Here’s the list of the top 10 things to do in San Juan:

Explore El Yunque Rainforest

If you want to go on a day trip to a more exotic place, then I can recommend you to visit El Yunque Rainforest located 1.5 hours outside San Juan. This area is full of natural attractions for you to explore. Enjoy stunning waterfalls, walks through the lush rainforest, and natural pools with crystal clear, turquoise water.

When you visit San Juan, you simply have to make a day trip to the rainforest, since it’s one of the best things to do in San Juan.

Gamble at Casinos

If you’re feeling lucky in San Juan, why not go to a casino and gamble! In the New San Juan districts of Condado (San Juan) and Isla Verde (Carolina), you’ll find several casinos to choose from. Here you have luxurious casinos with a friendly staff of the highest class.

There are casinos with a minimum age of 21, casinos that are open 24/7 and somewhere you can become a member to get discounted accommodations and free parking. Make sure to ask about membership before entering any casino since it’s often free of charge to get one. Just make sure to bring a valid ID and social security number!

Stroll in Old San Juan

Just walking around in Old San Juan is an experience by itself. Wander through the narrow cobblestone streets lined with old colonial homes painted in bright pastel colors.

Old San Juan is like a big outdoor museum since there’s so much to see and do in these historical quarters!

old san juan

Go Jet Skiing, Flyboarding or Kayaking

San Juan offers some great water activities for you to enjoy during your vacation in the city. Either go jet skiing, fly boarding or kayaking in the turquoise waters of San Juan Bay.

It’s a fun activity that also gives you a great view of the old city walls!

Explore San Juan’s Nightlife

When the sun sets, San Juan turns into an exciting and vibrant city with many entertainment options. Not only does the city offer a chic and exciting nightlife, but also a romantic and relaxed if that’s what you’re looking for.

In San Juan, you can go to casinos, hit nightclubs, hang out at lounges, visit music venues, go to concerts and several other events that are held throughout the year.

Shop til you drop

San Juan is an excellent place for shopping. All around town, you’ll find several shops selling local art, souvenirs, luxury brands and beautiful clothing. If you’re looking for luxury stores, head to Ashford Avenue in Condado (New San Juan). If you want to go to a shopping mall, then visit Plaza Las Americas – which is the biggest mall in the Caribbean with a vast variety of both local and international stores.

Right in the middle of Old San Juan, you’ll also find several shops selling everything from beautiful jewelry and local art to Panama hats and cute clothing.

San Juan Shopping

Visit Museums

If you’re one of those persons who love to explore museums, then I can promise you that you’re in for a treat in San Juan. All around town, you’ll find several museums of art and history.

If you’re traveling with your kids, then there are some great museums for children as well, like the wildlife museum!

Visit the Bacardi Rum Factory

San Juan is the home of the world famous Bacardí rum. Visit the Bacardí Rum Factory and learn about the distillery, bottling plant and also visit the museum that traces the company’s origins in Cuba to its current global domination.

During your tour here, you’ll not only see the factory, but you’re also going to be handed some samples of the Bacardí rum!

Hit the beach

If you’re going to San Juan on vacation, make sure to relax! Stay at one of San Juan’s beach resorts, rent a sunbed, put on sunblock, soak in the sun, and listen to the sound of the waves.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed and tranquil beach in San Juan, then make sure to head to Balneario El Escambron, which is one of the best beaches in town!

Explore El Morro (Fuerte San Felipe del Morro)

El Morro is the big fort that lies out of San Juan Harbor and was built to deter and protect from attacking ships. This fort was built during 1539 and 1589 and has been withstanding two world wars and several other attacks.

This fortress is today one of the most popular things to do in San Juan, both for its history but also for its excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean. You’re also welcome to go inside the fortress, down in a maze of tunnels, visit both barracks and prison cells.

El Morro