Cuba is truly an exciting and fun country to explore. There’s so much to both see and do in Cuba. Here you can admire old colorful houses, go for rides in vintage cars, relax on paradise beaches, stroll in lush tobacco fields and much much more!

Are you going to travel to Cuba? Then here are the top 7 destinations that you have to visit during your trip!

Here are top 7 destinations to visit in Cuba:


Havana isn’t only the capital of Cuba, but also the capital of salsa, mojitos, vintage cars and beautiful old buildings.

In the heart of La Habana, there’s always something going on.  Salsa clubs are never too far away, bars serving delicious mojitos lies just around the corner, and there are often live performances by local bands and artists!

When strolling around in Havana, you will see old vintage cars everywhere. Here you can ride in one of the local taxi collectivos or go for a private tour in the refurbished vintage cars!



If you’re seeking nice beaches near Havana, then you have to visit Varadero. Varadero is more of a tourist destination, so don’t expect to see the real side of Cuba here – but still, the beaches are worth your time!



If you’re planning a trip to Cuba, then you’ve probably heard of Viñales. A lush and mountainous area of the famous tobacco plantations. Here you get the opportunity see the tobacco plantations, smoke local cigars, and get to enjoy the rural side of Cuba.

If you want to visit Viñales on a day trip from Havana, then it will take you approximately 3-4 hours by bus or a taxi collectivo. It costs around 20-30 CUC per person.



Cuba isn’t all about salsa, mojitos, cigars, colorful houses and vintage cars. Cuba is also a great destination for you who seek secluded paradise beaches.

Outside the northern and southern coasts lies the small Islands ”Cayos.” On the north side of Cuba, you can drive to some of them by car, but on the southern side of the country, you have to access them by aircraft.

Some of the most beautiful and famous islands are Cayo Coco, Cayo Santa Maria, and Cayo Largo – all of them are worth the effort, time and money to visit!

cayo largo


Trinidad is an old colonial town full of colorful houses and cobblestone streets. Every street is lined with beautiful colorful houses and also old vintage cars. Here you can spot houses and cars is all kinds of colors – from green and yellow to pink and turquoise!

Trinidad lies about 4 hours away from Havana by car and is worth visiting for two or three days. You can reach most parts of Trinidad by foot, and around the old square, you’ll find several cozy restaurants, bars selling delicious mojitos and a market selling handicrafts!

You have to stay in Trinidad for more than one day because you also have to visit the beautiful Playa Ancon. Playa Ancon is one of the best and most beautiful beaches on the southern coast of Cuba, and here you can enjoy both snorkeling and sunbathing!



Cienfuegos was one of my favorite destinations while visiting Cuba. It’s an old town that has been restored, and the city is also famous for its friendly locals – a rumor that I can confirm is true!

In central Cienfuegos, the locals are respectful, not too pushy trying to sell you things and also genuine friendly.

If you have time, make sure to walk a bit outside the city center, there you get to see the real and warm side of Cuba. While I was walking around there, people curiously asked me where I was from, if I wanted a haircut on the sidewalk, and I also saw several kids waving at me! I loved it!