Ljubljana is one of the cities that is over-looked by many tourists that are traveling through Europe and has a name that is hard to pronounce.

I have not heard too much about Ljubljana but decided to visit it anyway since I was on a road trip through Europe. I must say, Ljubljana took me by surprise! – Amazing architecture, a lovely old town, cool bridges, delicious food and an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming. 

Although Ljubljana is a quite small capital, it still has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether you’re looking for food experiences, pleasant walks, shopping or great views – Ljubljana offers something for everyone! 

If you are looking for some tips on things to do in Ljubljana before your next stay in the capital, then this list is a great start for you!

Here is the list of the Top 7 Things to do in Ljubljana!

Eat at Klobasarna

If you’re looking for a place to eat the best Slovenian sausage in town – then you should visit Klobasarna. 

Here you get an inexpensive plate of a ”whole” sausage together with a bread roll, mustard, and horseradish for 5,90 euros, which is a great portion of food. 

Just walk over the tree bridges towards the old town and then turn left where the road forks. Look at your right-hand side and you will find it!

Explore Old Town

To take a nice stroll through old town is a must when it comes to things to do in Ljubljana. The old district of the capital is a cozy part of the city where excellent restaurants meet market stalls, lovely architecture, and great shops. 

Take a walk and stop for a cup of coffee or a nice cooling ice cream and people-watch, then explore some more of this lovely area!

Walk over the bridges in Ljubljana

Since there’s a river running through Ljubljana, you can probably figure out that there will be a couple of bridges that will link one side to the other. 

There are tree bridges that you will very likely come across – the Dragon Bridge, the Butcher’s Bridge and the Triple Bridge. 

Ljubljana dragon Bridge

Photo: Shutterstock.

Go on a dragon hunt

All over Ljubljana, you will find statues of dragons. The people of the capital of Slovenia love their dragons, as they are a symbol or courage and strength. 

When walking around in the capital, it’s fun to look for the dragons, as they can hide anywhere – on a bridge, up by the castle and in small alleys. 

Be a part of the café culture

The people of Ljubljana love to sip of cups of coffee relaxing by the river. The river is lined by café after café and also along the cobbled streets of Ljubljana. Here the cafés serve everything from coffee to ice cream cocktails and a cold glasses of wine. 

Go on a Free Walking Tour

Ljubljana, like many other cities in Europe, offers the famous Free Walking Tour. This tour is free of charge, and the local guides will take you to the most popular attractions and sights in town. During this tour, you get the chance to learn about the capital’s history and also get some insider tips about cafés and restaurants. 

Although this tour is free, you should still give the guides a tip if you think the tour has been good!

Visit the Castle 

If you’re looking for a great view of Ljubljana from above, then you just have to visit the Ljubljana Castle. This castle lies upon a high hill that gives a beautiful view of the town. 

Up to the top, you can either walk or take the funicular. The complex consists of a lovely courtyard, a chapel, a nice coffee house, an exhibition where you can learn about the castle’s history and a tower where you get an extra good view. 

Ljubljana Castle

Photo: Shutterstock.