Somehow this town is quite over looked by backpackers and tourists who are traveling through Europe. That’s their loss since this medieval town offers great things that will keep you busy and your camera’s memory card full. 

Tallinn offers both great sights and things to do for its visitors – where one can enjoy tranquil parks, beautiful views, cozy cobbled streets and great food experiences. 

If you wonder what’s hiding inside this beautiful town and what are the top things to do in Tallinn – then you’ll enjoy this list!

Here is the list of the Top Things to Do in Tallinn!

Take a stroll in Old Town

One of the best things to do in Tallinn is to take a stroll in Old Town. Wander the narrow cobbled streets and explore the livley squares, visit the popular markets and admire the people who work in traditional clothing!

Join the Free Walking Tour

Like many other towns in Europe, this one does also offer a free walking tour. If you’re not familliar with these kinds of tours – it’s a tour that’s free where the guides takes you to the most popular attractions in town. 

It’s a nice way to get some tips from a local, to see more than just the old town and to meet other travelers! The best part is of course that the tour is free – but remember to leave the guides a tip if you think the tour has been good!

Explore the Estonian Cuisine

All around Tallinn you will find several restaurants that vary from local cuisine to japanese and italian. A great way to enjoy the local cuisine is to eat at a medival restaurant where you eat your traditonal food in an setting of only candles and a staff that are dressed in medieval clothes. This can be a bit pricey, but if you’re not on a tight budget – I highly recommend this experience!

Since there are a few of those restaurants in Tallinn, I recommend you to look up on to find a restaurant that suits your needs. On this site you can also see rewievs from former guests!

Enjoy the sunset/sunrise from Patkuli Platform

The Kohtu Platform is no doubt the best place to enjoy a great view of Tallinn. From this spot you can see the old town with its beautiful church towers, modern skyscrapers and the tranquil blue sea. 

During the day (if it’s good weather) it will be pretty hard to get to the front frow to enjoy the view in peace and quiet. Expect many loud tourist-groups where every single one of them wants to take a picture. 

If you get there by sunrise or sunset you can avoid these annoying crowds and relax to this beautiful view in an tranquil environment!

things to do in tallinn

Take a stroll in the Kadriorg Park

This park is stunning and has been a meeting palce for the rich and famous for the last 300 years. Take a break from Old Town and take a nice walk trough this beautiful park where you can enjoy lovely gardens and nice looking buildings. 

You can reach this park by bus, tram or walking. I prefer walking since you get to see so much more of a town. Yes, it took some time, but it was a nice walk!

Shop at the Balti Jaam Market

This nice Russian market is a must among the things to do in Tallinn. Every day, around 50 stalls fill the streets opposite Balti Jaam (Tallinn’s main train station). Here you can shop about everything from antiques to locally produced jam. 

Visit the Open Air Museum

If you want a better insight into the Estonian life, then you should head to the Open Air Museum! This museum lies just a short drive from central Tallinn and is open all winter. This museum consits of 12 farms, windmills, watermills, a church, a fire station, a tavern and a schoolhouse. Great place for the whole family to learn about the Estonian history and culture!