There are several things to do in Zagreb for both tourists and locals. And unlike its coastal towns, Zagreb is a lively city all year round. 

I lived in Zagreb for one month, and I loved so many things about it. I loved to stroll around in Upper Town, having picnics in the Maksimir Park, drinking coffee at one of the many cafés and just enjoy the company of the charming locals. 

Like I said, there are so many things for you to do in Zagreb. Whether you’re looking for lovely walks in the forest, picnics in the park or some great sightseeing – Zagreb offers something for you!

Here is the list of the Top 7 Things to Do in Zagreb!

Visit St. Mark’s Church

Since I have been traveling for quite some time now, I have seen countless of European churches. This church is nothing like I’ve seen before. An inside that is nothing special in my opinion, but the outside, is a jaw dropping wow!

The beautiful roof detailed with red, white and blue tiles makes it look like a fairytale gingerbread house. 

The roof of this church is the reason why it’s worth your time. It’s something special and something unique that you only get to see once in your life. A real masterpiece if you ask me – and a must when it comes to things to do in Zagreb!

Tkalciéva Street

Tkalciéva Street is a perfect place to slow down your pace a bit. The Tkalciéva Street, don’t ask me how to pronounce it, offers many shops and some great restaurants and cafés if you’re looking for something yummy to eat. Order a coffee, look at the people passing by and enjoy the Zagreb feel!

If you get here in the evening for dinner, you will notice that it has a certain romantic feel to it!

Upper Town / Old Town

The Upper Town is my favorite part of Zagreb. And just like its name suggests, you have to go up to get to this area. 

There are two ways to get up to the old district of Zagreb, either by walking or the funicular. The funicular is like most other funiculars, nothing special, but it gives you a quick and easy ride up to the top for only 4 Kuna (around 0.80 cents).

I prefer walking when visiting a new city since you get some extra exercise, to see much of the authentic parts, and stumble across cafés and lovely stores. If you decide to walk up to Upper Town, that’s exactly what you’re going to stumble upon – cafés and lovely stores. If you’re in for a treat, some of the cafés offer great views of Zagreb. 

While up in the Upper Town you can enjoy a beautiful environment of preserved medieval walls and towers, historical landmarks, small museums, a significant number of art galleries. I would say that this is quite a romantic district of Zagreb, that is perfect for an evening stroll!

And whatever you do, do not miss the best highlights of this area – the Museum of Broken Relationships and Saint Marks Church!

things to do in zagreb

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If you’re in for some nature fun, then you have to head up to the mountain Medvednica for some hiking or biking! Here you have about 69 paths to choose from, where hiking trail 12 offer great views! 

If you’re looking for a real adventure, head to Sljeme, the highest peak of the mountain which lies just 30 kilometers away from Zagreb! No doubt one of the best things to do in Zagreb if you like to be out in nature!

Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships

This museum has gained a lot of attention since it opened in town. This museum consists of exactly what the name suggests – relics of “broken relationships.” Every item also comes with a story, some funny and some sad. 

This museum is great in my opinion. It’s both goofy, fun, and it only takes about one hour of your time walking through everything. If you feel thirsty – they have a bar. If you miss using the hotel wifi – they have complimentary WiFi available for you. 

A great museum if you have some time to kill in Zagreb!

Dolac Markets – fruit, greens, and other tasty treats

Dolac is the most popular farmers’ market in Zagreb and is located centrally behind the main square. A noisy, lively and vibrant market where you can feel the local vibe of Zagreb. 

The Dolac market consists of two floors where the upper level features an open-air market with greens, flowers, souvenirs, clothes, bars and restaurants. At the ground level, you will find bakeries, butcheries, Croatian food stores and a diary section where you can buy lots and lots of Croatian cheese – super delicious!

The market is open Mondays through Fridays from 6.30 am to 3 pm, Saturdays to 2 pm and Sundays to 1 pm. 

Take a stroll through the Mirogoj Cemetery

Keep calm; this is not as creepy as it sounds. This cemetery is actually a nice and peaceful place where many of the Zagreb students come to study with their friends. 

Myself, I’m not the one that usually would go to a cemetery, but since this attraction is included in all the main lists of things to do in Zagreb, I decided to give it a try. 

It’s just like I have read – a beautiful and relaxing park with world-class artworks and a peaceful atmosphere. Not creepy at all!

things to do in zagreb

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