Busan is South Korea’s second largest city and lies on the south-eastern tip of the country. The city is known for its mountains, beaches, hot springs, and fantastic shopping worldwide. 

Busan is the perfect mix of an urban metropolis and a laidback beach resort and offers something for all travelers!

Here are the top 8 things to do in Busan:

Hur Shim Chung Spa

Hur Shim Chung Spa is one of the oldest spas in South Korea. Here they have hot springs that contain abundant magnesium and a temperature around 55 degrees Celsius. 

Hur Shim Chung Spa is actually one of the largest spa complexes in Asia and offers; cold, hot, tepid and strawberry milk-filled baths, saunas, pools and even an outdoor section for you to relax in.

If you need some extra relaxation or just want to pamper yourself, then Hur Shim Chung Spa is one of the best things to do in Busan for you!

Beomeosa Temple

Beomeosa Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple that lies on the slope of the mountain Geumjeongsan. This lovely temple has a history of 1300 years and was constructed by the monk Ui Sang during year 678. 

Here you can see several cultural properties and cool relics such as the three-story pagoda and the main hall called Daeungjeon. 

Gamcheon Cultural Village

The beautiful Gamcheon Cultural Village (also known as Taegeykdo Village) is a brightly colored village that’s lies on a steep hill overlooking Busan. Gamcheon is a great contrast to the tall and modern buildings that you can see throughout the city. 

This Village was founded in 1918 during the Korean War and has since then transformed into a cultural spot in Busan. 

When visiting this village, it can be fun to buy a map and be a part of the ”stamp treasure hunt” which takes you to the most famous sites in the village. During this hunt, you collect stamps on your way – and although the price just might be a postcard or something, the actual price is the journey that you make. Walk in narrow alleys, up and down the steep stairways, explore around the small colorful houses and admiring the views from the top of the village!

Just have in mind that people are still living here, so be respectful!

Gamcheon Cultural Village

Yongdusan Park Tower

If you’re looking for the best view of Busan, then this is the perfect place for you. Youngdusen Park Tower offers excellent views of the city and the surrounding areas – so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Haeundae Beach

This particular beach is one of the most famous beaches in South Korea and also a must among the top things to do in Busan. If you visit Haeundae Beach during the summer, the beach can be pretty crowded. But, if you can deal with crowds – Haeundae is still a great and beautiful beach to visit!

Even during the colder months, Haeundae Beach is lovely to visit – and a significant benefit is that it’s fewer people there (which means plenty of space for you and your friends)!

Haedong Yonggung Temple

Perched on a cliff and overlooking the beautiful East Sea, the Haedong Yonggung Temple is one of the most unique temples in South Korea. This beautiful building was constructed during the 14th century and is one of the few Korean Buddhist temples that’s not located in the mountains. 

This temple is a favorite spot for celebrating several festivals in the Buddhist calendar, where New Years Day is one of the most popular events!

haedong yonggungsa templePhoto: Shutterstock.

Jagalchi Fish Market – A Horrible Attraction

The only reason why I have this fish market on my list is to inform you about the animal cruelty there. Many people see this kind of attraction as something normal, but it’s not. Maybe you might think that I’m a crazy animal friend, but the things they do here is just awful. 

The tanks are overfilled with fishes, crabs and other animals from the sea. In some tanks, the animals can’t even move and are just waiting for their death with their claws tied together. It’s so horrible and sad to see. These animals do also have needs and feelings, and they shouldn’t be treated this way.

Shop till you drop

In Busan, you can literally shop till you drop. You just can’t get enough of the South Korean fashion since it’s one of the best things to do in Busan! 

In my opinion, the South Korean malls, stores, and boutiques are full of cool and unique clothing and also offers several international brands. Shinsegae is THE shopping mall that you have to visit if you’re looking for the best shopping in town! This is actually the largest department store in the world, and here you will find all the international stores that you possibly can think about – and more! 

Imagen a combination of Fjällräven (Swedish Brand), Chanel, Monclair, H&M, North Face and several Korean fashion stores that sell incredible cool clothing and accessories. 

Busan is seriously a shopaholics heaven, and if my clothing space weren’t limited while I was traveling through Asia, I would seriously have bought a whole new closet there!