Kotor Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, of course, one of the most popular things to do in Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor has a Fjord-like landscape with blue waters and lush towering mountains.

Kotor Bay is a great destination in Europe, and a must to visit among couples since it’s such a romantic destination. In every town of the Bay of Kotor, one will find fantastic architecture, lovely restaurants, cobblestone streets and a great atmosphere that screams history and relaxation.

If you’re ever going to visit this place, which I hope you do, then these are the top things that you cannot miss during your trip to Kotor Bay!

Here are the top 8 things to do in Kotor Bay: 

Check out the architecture in Perast

If it’s one thing that Perast is known for, it’s for its beautiful architecture. Perast is a beautiful old little town that lies just a short distance by car from Kotor. Perast has a wealth of Renaissance architecture with 16 Baroque palaces, 17 Catholic churches and also several Orthodox structures.

As you might have figured out, Perast is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a must among the top things to do in Kotor Bay.

Stroll the promenade in Tivat

Tivat is a small and cozy town located in the central part of Kotor Bay. Although it’s the youngest city in the Boka region, Tivat has still much to offer its visitors.

Take a stroll along the promenade of Tivat and enjoy the lovely view of the bay, stop for a delicious cup of coffee and sit back, relax, and people-watch.

Visit the Sveti Tripun Cathedral

In the heart of old town of Kotor lies the Cathedral Sveti Tripun, a cathedral that was built in the early 1100s. This church was dedicated to the protector of the city and is one of the largest and most impressive structures in the area.

The Sveti Tripun Cathedral is an excellent example of Romanesque architecture, and just for a small fee, you get the chance to explore its beautiful interior!

Hike to the upper part of St. John’s Castle

Do you want to take on a challenge? Then put on your hiking shoes, bring a big bottle of water and conquer St. John’s Castle!

If you think that the view from sea level is fantastic, then you’re going to be speechless when you get to see the view from the top of the castle. The view is simply stunning with its Fjord-like landscape, blue waters, and lush mountains.

You’ll find the entrance near the River Gate, and it costs 3 euros to enter. After you’ve paid the fee, you can start climbing the stone staircase that zigzags all the way up to the old castle walls dating back to the 16th century!

kotor castlePhoto: Shutterstock.

People-watch at Kotor’s main square

You can easily spend a couple of hours just sitting at a café or bar in the main square of Kotor. Buy yourself a glass of Aperol or a local Nikšićko beer, sit back and relax, people-watch and enjoy the lovely atmosphere!

Definitely one of my favorite things to do in Kotor Bay!

See the locals in action at the daily market

Even though that Kotor Town is a bit touristic, it’s still a beautiful and cozy place to visit. If you want a real picture of the local life of Kotor, then make sure to visit the daily market that’s one of the top things to do in Kotor Bay. At this market, the city natives come to chat with friends and go shopping for groceries.

The daily market runs from the Sea Gate along the city walls and is open every morning of the week. Make sure to buy some delicious prsut (prosciutto) and the local cheese ”sir.”

Go Kayaking across the bay

If you like being out on the sea, then you just have to kayak across the Bay of Kotor. During summer, you’ll find several guides that are more than happy to take you out for a tour and show you around in Kotor Bay.

Just go for a kayaking trip out on the Bay of Kotor, or why not be more adventurous and explore Lake Skadar?

Visit ”Our Lady of the Rocks” & St. George Island

One of the most famous sights in the Bay of Kotor is the island ”Our Lady of the Rocks” and St. George Island. You might have seen the famous islands on pictures of Kotor Bay, with a church on one island and a monastery on the other. It’s two beautiful islands that look beautiful in pictures, so make sure not to forget your camera!

Our Lady of the Rocks is a man-made island, created by sinking ships with rocks. In the church of the island you’ll find an excellent museum and also a gift shop for you to explore. On the other island, St. George Island, there’s a beautiful monastery and an old graveyard to have a look at.

st. george islandPhoto: Shutterstock.