If you’ve booked your trip to the Czech Republic and looking for things to do in Prague? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll guide you to the best sights in town – with everything from great city views and local food to historical building and cool architecture!

Here’s the list of the top 8 things to do in Prague:

Visit the Old Town Hall Tower

If you’re looking for the best view over Prague, then this is the place for you! Walk up the stairs (or take the elevator) to the beautiful town hall, and you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking view over Prague’s rooftops, churches, and parks. 

Walk Across Charles Bridge

The famous Charles Bridge was once known as the Stone Bridge of Prague. This particular bridge is one of the biggest attractions in town and dates back to the middle of the 13th century. Back then, it was the only bridge to cross the Vltava River to reach Prague Castle and Old Town. 

Today, this bridge has a lively environment of musicians playing, vendors selling postcards & jewelry, and artists that draw funny caricatures! A fun place to take a stroll!

Charles Bridge

 Stroll Around Old Town

The charming Old Town is definitely the highlight in Prague. There’s so much to both see and do in Prague, and to explore all that, is best done by foot!

Expect beautiful architecture, colorful houses, beautiful churches, fantastic views and great spots for you to enjoy a nice meal! Slow down your pace and just stroll around!

Go on a Vltava River Cruise

If you enjoy lovely views, fresh air and being out on water – then a cruise of the Vltava River is a must. Several companies offer trips along the river where you get the opportunity to view the city from a whole new perspective. 

Explore Prague Castle

The Castle of Prague is pretty impressive with its 70,000 square meters of land and height of 570 meters – making it the biggest ancient castle in the world!

The Prague Castle is one of the most popular attractions in town where you can enjoy great views, a Royal Garden and the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral! 

Don’t miss this site, since it’s one of the top things to do in Prague!

Prague Castle

 Drink a Beer or Two

The Czech Republic is famous all around the world for its beer – Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen. While visiting Prague, you have to stop by a local bar and drink a local beer or two! All around town, you will find both bars and pubs selling different kinds of microbrews that are worth savoring during your stay. 

Eat Local Food

To eat local food is in my opinion, one of the best things you can do while visiting a new town. I mean, you didn’t go to Prague to eat Japanese or Italien food right? The best way to get to know the culture a little bit better is to have a piece of their local food. 

Much of the Czech dishes contain meat – but don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, there’s actually some great restaurants with vegan/vegetarian food too!

See the Dancing House with Your Own Eyes

One of the most iconic buildings of Prague is the Dancing House located in downtown. This building is a masterpiece in my opinion, and if you like architecture – then this is a must among the top things to do in Prague for you!

If you like photography, then you’ll probably want to visit this place, since you can snap amazing pictures!

The Dancing House