Vilnius is a lovely city that offers narrow cobbled streets in their UNESCO listed old town, beautiful baroque churches and great cafés and restaurants. This town offers a perfect mix of everything, whether you’re looking for shopping, food experiences, great views or history. 

If you are traveling to this lovely town in the near future and are looking for some inspiration of the top things to do in Vilnius – then this is a great list for you. 

Here is the list of the Top 8 Things to Do in Vilnius!

Visit Uzupis

This bohemian district is actually an independent republic – since 1998. In Uzupis the ”locals” have their own flag and national anthem. It’s a nice neighborhood to wander, so make sure to make some time to stroll here!

Climb up Gediminas Tower

To get a nice view of Vilnius – climb up the hill to reach Gediminas Tower. You can either walk up to the top or take a ride in the funicular. If you decide to walk – it only takes about 10 minutes!

This beautiful place offers amazing views of Vilnius and an interesting history. The hill is free to visit, but if you want to go up in the tower – then it will cost you around 4 euro. 

Visit Vilnius Cathedral

Just steps away from old town and the Gediminas Tower Hill you will find this lovely church. This is the most important place of worship for Lithuania’s Catholics and is an interesting church that offers exhibits such as catacombs and a beautiful tower.

Admire Church of St. Anne

The church of St. Anne is a masterpiece of the late Gothic period. This church hasn’t changed in 500 years and has become a symbol of Vilnius. A beautiful church that is worth checking out if you’re interested in history and architecture! Definitely one of the top things to do in Vilnius!

Explore Old Town

Wandering around the old streets of Vilnius is one of the best things to do when you’re in town. The old town of the capital of Lithuania is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 13th century. This charming district offers beautiful old buildings, lovely churches and great cafés where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and some people-watching!

things to do in vilnius

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Check out the Street Art

I’m a big fan of street art. When I get to a new city I love when I stumble upon an impressive piece of art. All over Vilnius you can find great street art – especially in Uzupis. 

Some of the street art can be tricky to find, but make sure to look closely in the hidden lanes and gates – and you’ll find them too. 

On of my favorites is ”Think”, which you will find on Odminiu Street. 

Shop til you drop at Akropolis Shopping Mall

If you’re looking for good shopping when visiting Vilnius, then this shopping mall is a must to visit. This shopping mall offers both international and local stores. Here you can easily spend a couple of hours.

If you have shopped til you dropped – the mall also offers great cafés and restaurants for you who need a break!

A tip is to visit the big food store that lies in the mall. Inside the store they have like a small restaurant where you can enjoy local food at good prices!

Go to Trakai

If you have some spare time in Vilnius, then I would recommend you to make a day trip to Trakai. 30 kilometers from central Vilnius you will find this small town. 

It’s a lovely picturesque city that offers a nice lake with a castle in the middle and a chance to explore the Karaim culture. 

If you wonder what the Karaim culture is? It’s a ethnic group that came to this part of Lithuania in the 14th century and has until today preserved their traditions, culture and cuisine.