Brussels has so much more to offer than just Moules Frites, Belgian Waffles, chocolate, and beer. Sure, it’s a good start – but there is so much more for you to explore in the capital of Belgium!

Brussels lies in the heart of Europe and offers a great variety of everything. Whether you’re looking for great shopping, food experiences or lovely architecture, Brussels offers something for everyone. 

If you’re planning to go to the capital soon and need some tips on things to do in Brussels, then this is a great list for you!

Here is the list of the Top 5 Things to Do in Brussels!

Visit the Grote Markt (Grand-Place)

A must when it comes to things to do in Brussels is to visit the Grand Palace. A UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the main attraction in the city. Here you can view interesting architecture and stroll on the cobbled streets to feel the vibrant atmosphere of the capital.

At this place one can enjoy a lovely flower market from Tuesdays to Sundays and a seasonal market every Christmas where an ice rink covers the square. 

If you are lucky with the dates while visiting the town, you can witness the beautiful flower carpet that set up in the Place every two years. A million colorful begonias are set up in cute patterns and are displayed for a couple of days! 

Admire the architecture of Hôtel de Ville – Town Hall

Like I mentioned before, Grand-Place offers some great architecture – and Hôtel de Ville is its centerpiece. This Gothic building dates back to 1402 and is used by the civic government. 

It’s a beautiful building with arched windows and towers detailed with cool sculptures. If you’re up to a challenge – then I highly recommend you to climb the 96-meter high tower to be greeted by a fantastic view of Brussels!

Shop til you drop 

When traveling to a major European city – your stay would not be complete without some shopping. 

If you are interested in Antique things, then you should head to the antique market in Place du Grand Sablon. The streets around this square do also offer great antiques, where Rue de la Paille, Rue des Minimes and Rue de Rollebeek are excellent starting points.

If you like to stroll around and have a look at an excellent flea market, then Jeu Balle Flea Market is the place for you. Great place if you’re looking for secondhand goods and old gems!

If you want to find the fancy designer stores, then you should head to the glass roof Galleries. The shopping is excellent here, and this architecture of this building is worth your time even if you don’t want to shop.

Go and see the Manneken Pis

One of the city’s icons is the Manneken Pis – a bronze statue of a boy who is taking a piss. This statue is to be found on the corner of Rue de l’Étuve and Rue du Chêne, close to the Grand-Place. 

This sculpture dates back to the early 17th century and is said to represent the child of a visiting nobleman who lost his son in Brussels and then found him urinating happily at this particular spot. 

This small statue draws an impressive crowd of visitors – especially on festive occasions when they dress him in costumes and makes him urinate beer instead of water. 

Eat Belgian Waffles, Chocolate & Moules Frites

When it comes to things to do in Brussels, one can simply not miss eating the most popular sweets and dish in the country – Belgian Waffles, Chocolate & Moules Frites. 

Seriously, do not leave without trying these delicacies. Moule Frites with Garlic is one of the tastiest dishes I have ever tried in my life, and the chocolate and Belgian waffles are to die for. Try a waffle with chocolate and cream – I promise you, it’s super delicious!

Moules Frites

Photo: Shutterstock.