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Choosing Travel Insurance – My Experience

Are you looking for a travel insurance for your next trip? In this article you can read about my best tips to choose the right travel insurance.

Choosing Travel Insurance – My Experience2020-05-13T20:36:27+02:00

My Best Packing Tips

Are you looking for some packing tips? Here are my best packing tips to stay organized and fresh while traveling the world.

My Best Packing Tips2020-05-13T20:35:09+02:00

How to Save Money for Your Trip

Do you need some inspiration and motivation to save travel money? Here are some good and easy tips on how to save money for travel.

How to Save Money for Your Trip2020-05-13T20:34:38+02:00

AirBnB Guide

Since 2008, AirBnB has become of the best world’s biggest platforms for finding good accommodation. Today, more and more people are starting to use this website, and there are still many people that never have

AirBnB Guide2017-12-02T07:00:01+02:00

My Top 7 Tips of How to Avoid Bed Bugs

To avoid bed bugs, that's something we all want to do while traveling. Unfortunately, it's quite common that cheaper hotels and hostels have bed bugs. Nicer hotels can also have bed bugs if they've bad luck with

My Top 7 Tips of How to Avoid Bed Bugs2019-08-01T12:26:58+02:00

My Best Tips for Better Sleep on Flights

It is not always simple to fall asleep on an airplane, even though you are super tired. When flying longer distances, a good night sleep is foremost the second most important thing during a flight,

My Best Tips for Better Sleep on Flights2019-08-01T12:24:36+02:00

My Best Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning in India

To be a victim of food poisoning, that's something that nobody wants to experience when traveling in a new country. Unfortunately, I was one of these victims, and in my case I got salmonella. I was

My Best Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning in India2019-08-01T12:12:07+02:00

My Favorite Travel Gadgets

There are hundreds of travel gadgets out on the market that can make our lives a bit easier while traveling. Some of them may seem unnecessary while other travel gadgets can be vital. It's understandable

My Favorite Travel Gadgets2019-08-01T12:21:21+02:00

The Art of Finding Cheap Flight Tickets

Most people have at some time in their life been hunting for the cheapest flight tickets on the market. After searching and searching the internet, you will realize that it can take quite some time

The Art of Finding Cheap Flight Tickets2017-12-03T14:40:56+02:00

Hand Luggage Sizes and Weight + Carry-On Information

All airlines around the world have their own rules for size and weight of hand luggage and baggage handling. If you are often traveling around the world, it can be a bit tricky to keep track

Hand Luggage Sizes and Weight + Carry-On Information2017-12-03T14:40:34+02:00