During my travels I often get questions like: “how can you spend so much time together?” and “how is it like to travel with your partner?”, and my answer is always the same: I LOVE IT!

To travel is one of the best and most beautiful things you can do together with your partner. To travel alone can be inspiring, fun and freeing, but to travel with your favorite person in the world is a great way to grow together and create fun memories that you can look back on in the future.

Home is where the heart is

If you travel with someone that you love, home will never feel too far away. This is no doubt one of the best reasons why you should travel with your partner.

Create and share unforgettable memories

You and your partner will write history together when you’re out traveling the world. You are going to collect awesome memories of all the crazy adventures and challenges you have been through together.

These are memories that you and your partner will remember and look back on with affection and humor.


Discover your partner’s bad habits before it’s too late

If you are heading towards a serious relationship, then it is a good idea to go on an adventurous trip before committing.

Through travel, you will discover new and interesting things about your partner. You will most likely see both positive and negative sides. This will be a test of your patience since you’ll be together 24/7 during the trip.

Traveling strengthens your relationship

When you travel with your partner, you are going to face challenges, different kinds of experiences and ups and downs. All of these moments during your travels are going to help you develop a strong bond between each other.

Traveling truly brings people together and makes people closer to each other. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a shopping trip to New York or a backpacking trip around the world, traveling will make you stronger as a couple.

travel with partner

Some moments are best when shared

When traveling the world, there are some moments and experiences that are best when shared with someone you love.

To share those special and magical moments like beautiful sunsets on the beach and cozy restaurant dinners is way better together with your partner then being alone or sharing it with a stranger.

Someone always got your back

Someone that look out for you and take care of you is always a nice thing to have while traveling. To have an extra trusting eye on your belongings, to watch your bag when you go to the bathroom or just someone that takes care of you when you are sick.

It feels so much safer and more secure to travel with your partner. 


You always have that someone to cheer you up

At some point during your travels, you’ll experience horrible situations and unforeseen events. Stolen bags, lost things, missed flights and delayed bus rides are just a few of the unpleasant things that could happen during your travels.

However, when these bad things happen you always have the advantage of having someone to cheer you up and make the situation a little bit better.

It’s more economical to travel with your partner

It is more economical to travel with someone than traveling solo. When you are traveling with someone, you will share all the costs of accommodations, activities, car rentals, and much more.

travel with partner

It’s better to have two thinking minds than one

Traveling with your loved one lets you share the burden of both travel planning and decision making during the trip. The most important part is that two thinking minds improves your chances of making the right decision in tough and stressful situations during your travels.

You will never get bored

Long flights, buss- and train rides are so much more fun when you have your favorite person by your side. It is much better and more fun than reading a book, playing games on your smartphone or listening to music. 

Traveling with your partner will make your trip much more fun!

travel with partner

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