Let me introduce you to the TraveLibro App. An app that Alex and I used during several of our trips last year.

TraveLibro is an app that lets you create timelines with all your ”everyday” photos and videos from your travels, writing short captions and tagging locations – making it a great app for inspiration, travel planning, and memories.

Down below you can read more about the app and my favorite things about it:

What is TraveLibro?

TraveLibro is a social network that connects its users with other travelers, as well as spreading travel inspiration and knowledge of hidden gems and favorite spots by locals and experienced travelers.

It’s a place where you can share all the behind the scenes images and videos that you wouldn’t otherwise share on Instagram or other social media channels. A great plus is that your created journeys will last forever unlike, for example, Instagram stories or Snapchat.

It’s a great app to connect and follow other travelers on a more personal level where you at the same time can sample lots of inspiration for your future trips.

Who’s on the app?

Travelers from all over the world use TraveLibro. It’s a fun new app where you can follow other travelers and travel bloggers adventures and see several personal photos & videos rather than the perfect Instagram photos & videos that we all like to post.

The app makes it possible for you to see the story behind those perfect travel photos and you get a more personal interaction with the people you’re following, which I think is pretty cool.

Sample hidden gems, travel tips and lots of inspiration through other travelers on TraveLibro!


How does it work?

In TraveLibro you can log your trips with everything from the airport and hotel to activities and restaurants. It’s in the TraveLibro app you get to see the whole story behind a someones travels.

To start your journey you have to log into the app and click ”capture”. From there you can choose to start a new journey where you can post all of your photos, videos and experiences with your followers.

Upload some photos or a video, choose a location and write a short caption – then hit upload!

You can also rate every place you’ve visited during your trip, making it easier for yourself and other fellow travelers to know if a place/experience is good or not.


Plan your next trip with TraveLibro

Since TraveLibro has over 50.000 users each month covering 80 countries and 1200 cities worldwide, you can sample lots of travel inspiration for your next trip.

It’s a great way to find all the must-see places and also those you should avoid – thanks to the rating feature.


Inspire other people

As much as I love to inspire other people, I love to get inspired by other peoples travels. That’s two things that I’m able to do with TraveLibro, which I really like.

I can share all my hidden gems, favorite spots, restaurants, and experiences of both activities and hotels – also warn my followers about bad experiences during my travels.

Down below you can see some pictures from my travels that I’ve shared on TraveLibro – a bit different from what I share on my social media channels.




My thoughts of TraveLibro

I enjoyed using TraveLibro during my travels. It’s a fun way so my friends and family can follow or journeys by seeing more photos, stories, and videos from our adventures. I like to inspire other people to travel the world, and I love the fact that I can as well sample some inspiration from other travelers.

It’s a fun app that takes the story-telling to a whole new level, and I can absolutely see myself using this app again during our upcoming trips.

I would love to connect with you guys over there as well, so make sure to check out the app!

You can Download the TraveLibro app to Android here

You can Download the TraveLibro app to iPhone here

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