If you’re traveling to Albania, there are a couple of things that can be good to know. 

Albania is one of the most interesting and unique countries that I’ve every visited in Europe, and also one of the friendliest destinations that I’ve visited in the world so far. Albania is a new and exciting destination that has become more and more popular among tourists the recent years, and I really can understand why. It’s a great place to go on some new adventures in Europe, and also a country that offers everything from paradise beaches and high mountains to delicious food and great value for your money. 

I spent around two weeks in Albania last summer, and I’m still longing to go back and explore more. Albania really surprised me with its beauty and friendly people, and I must say that I know that the country has a bright future ahead!

Here are 11 things to know before traveling to Albania:

The locals are one of the friendliest that I’ve ever met

One of the best things about traveling in Albania is that everywhere you go, you are going to be welcomed by the locals. They are so incredibly friendly and helpful towards locals, and I must say that it actually is one of the friendliest countries that I’ve visited so far.

So if you’re traveling to Albania, be prepared to see a lot of smiling people that are going to help you even though you’re not asking for it. Happened to me several times, and I love them for it.

It’s very cheap

You can live like a queen/king in Albania without spending a fortune or breaking the bank. The prices in Albania is half of the prices in other countries in Europe, and you also get great value for your money.

Albania home dinner

It’s cheap to dine at restaurants and make your own food!

The Albanians love and are proud of their country

One thing that I love about Albania is that the Albanians are incredibly loving and proud of their country. I really admire that, and I think it’s amazing that they’re proud of where they’re coming from – both those who live in Albania and abroad. So if you’re traveling to Albania, be prepared to see the red Albanian flag everywhere!

The Albanian language is unique

Did you know that Albania has its very own branch on the tree of languages? Yes, it’s true, and it’s completely unrelated to any other language on earth. It’s very cool, and it makes Albania to an even more unique country!

The food is delicious

I love the Albanian cuisine. Their food is both tasty and flavorful, and it’s cheap too. Some of my favorite dishes are Fëgesë, Tavë Kosi, Perime Në Scarë, Burek, and Speca me Glizë – so make sure to try a couple of them while you’re in Albania.


This is a Burek – a must to taste while you’re in Albania!

Albania isn’t that touristy

If you ask yourself; how much do you really know about Albania? Probably not much. The one thing some tourists know about Albania is that the country have beautiful beaches, but the country are so much more than that.

The reason of being an unexplored country is because many people still think its unstable and unsafe, but I can say that those people are completely wrong. It’s one of the safest countries I’ve every been to, the locals are super friendly and welcoming towards tourists, and the infrastructure is better than many countries that I’ve visited. The country is still changing for the better, and I must say that the future is very bright for this lovely country.

Albanian Sweets are Addictive

I actually gained some weight while traveling in Albania haha, just because I got so addictive to their sweets. There are so much to choose from and so many good cookies, cakes, and pastries that you have to try.

Albania is a sweet tooth’s dream with other words!

The beaches along the Albanian Riviera are fantastic

Most tourists that visit Albania come to relax at their paradise beaches. Yes, if you’ve heard that Albania has some of the best beaches in Europe, I can confirm that the rumor is true. I’ve been to some of the best beaches in France, Italy, Spain and Greece, so I know what I’m talking about.

The beaches in Albania are incredibly clean and has white or golden sand with crystal clear and turquoise waters. Just check out the photo below from Ksamil, near Saranda in Albania.


There are so much more than just the beaches

Although the most tourists come to Albania to see its beaches, I must say that there are so much more than that to explore in the country. Albania is full of lush forests, beautiful lakes, rivers, and stunning mountains – Albania really takes your breath away!

The Sunsets are incredible beautiful

Along the Riviera, you can enjoy some breathtaking sunsets, just as beautiful as the ones you see in pictures from Greece and Croatia. Sit down by the beach or at a lovely bar and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun sink into the ocean.

If you’re traveling to Albania, make to watch the sunset!

Traveling to Albania – Is it safe?

One thing that is good to know before traveling to Albania is that the country is very safe to travel in. It’s actually one of those countries that I’ve been feeling the safest while traveling around the world. In Albania, you can travel solo, with your family or as a couple with no worries what so ever. The locals are super friendly, hospital and welcoming towards tourists, so you are going to feel like home.

Although you always should be aware of your surroundings when traveling the world, Albania is still one of the safest countries I’ve ever visited.

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