Did you know that it’s important to use a good and eco-friendly sunscreen? Most people don’t.

The regular sunscreens that you find in your everyday stores are often really bad for the marine ecosystem, and in particular – the coral reefs. When buying a sunscreen, it’s important to check the ingredients, so you are 100% sure that you do not harm the ocean while swimming or splashing around on your vacation. 

Why ”regular” sunscreens are harmful

When we put on some ”regular” sunscreen and jump into the ocean, the oils from the sunblock comes off and settle on the coral reefs. It’s actually not only the coral reefs that are damaged, its other marine life too. 

You might have seen how it creates a layer of the water of oil while bathing in a pool – imagine when tourists and locals jump into the living ocean with tons of sunblock and sun oil on their bodies. This creates a great damage to the delicate ecosystems of the world’s oceans. 

Since the coral reefs already are in great danger, it’s super important for all of us to make the ocean cleaner. We have to do as much as we possibly can to save the ocean – and a good start is by buying an eco-friendly sunscreen.

One good thing though – some of the world’s beaches and parks have made it mandatory to use a biodegradable sunscreen. Mexico is a great example where you can’t join diving/snorkeling tours or swim at some beaches if you use or bring a harmful sunscreen. 

Why use an environmentally friendly sunblock?

If you like to swim in the ocean like me, then you have to use an eco-friendly sunscreen. 

A biodegradable sunscreen is a must for all travelers to buy since it’s environmentally friendly and lacks those harmful ingredients that are bad for the coral reefs of the oceans. It does not matter if you like to splash around in the water, dip your toes or go for a nice swim – you have to use an eco-friendly sunscreen. 

Then you might wonder what biodegradable mean? It means that it breaks down naturally in the environment – which a “regular” sunscreen doesn’t. 

What you can do

You should first of all only buy biodegradable sunblocks in the future. Start now and stop using your harmful sunscreens. 

When using this eco-friendly sunscreen, also make sure to apply it 20 minutes before jumping into the water. It takes time for the sunblock to absorb into your skin. It’s better for you and the ocean!

Inform your friends and family about how bad and unresponsible it is to use these regular sunscreens. You can also share this article so other people you know can read and learn like yourself. 

Ingredients to look out for

These are the ingredients that you should look out for when buying a biodegradable sunscreen:

  • Oxybenzone – Disrupts coral reproduction, causes coral bleaching & damages coral DNA. Oxybenzone is found in over 3500 sunscreen products worldwide.
  • Butylparaben – Cause coral bleaching
  • Octinoxate – Cause coral bleaching
  • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor – Cause coral bleaching

Where to buy the eco-friendly sunscreens

Before traveling to your next destination, make sure to purchase a biodegradable sunscreen. At home, you will probably find it for a better price, and you’re also 100% sure that you will have one with you on your trip. 

Make sure to look at the ingredients, so you know that it’s the real deal and not a fake one. The biodegradable sunscreen should not contain OxybenzoneButylparaben, Octinoxate and 4-methylbenzylidene camphor – which disrupts coral reproduction, causes coral bleaching and damages the coral DNA.

Check at health stores, at your local pharmacy or buy one online.