nomadic mobile presets

Nomadic Collection Mobile (12 Presets)

This collection is created for all the nomads and world travelers out there. In the nomadic collection, you get 3 nature presets, 3 sunset presets, 3 tropical presets, and 3 urban presets. 

Each filter is a good base for your photos. Then you can play around with the editing and apply your personal touch and make your photos unique.

Please remember that the presets work different on almost every photo (different light or color settings), so you might need to do some smaller changes after applying the presets.

These presets are designed for Lightroom Mobile, and work on JPEG photos (the type of photos you take with your phone)

What’s included?

•  12 unique presets
•  Mix of tropical, urban, nature, & sunset presets

  Installation guide + editing guide (PDF)

These presets work for the free Lightroom CC mobile app.

The Lightroom app is free to download for both iPhone and Android.

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